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Outing my inner critic

"You're getting fat. You're not pretty enough. 
No one's ever going to love you. You're a failure."
I'd never let anyone speak to me like that, so why do I allow my inner voice to say these things repeatedly, on a daily basis? Why do I let my inner critic get away with it?
Hi guys, so today I wanted to write about something I have serious problems with, something until recently I never thought I'd get rid of and until now has been a daily battle with what my personality on the outside portrays and what the voice on the inside picks up on.
I'm sure each and every one of us has gone through it, has had that little voice in our heads saying we look fat in the new skirt we bought or that our skin is looking horrible and so we shouldn't bother leaving the house. I know I'm not the only one who has these fleeting thoughts but it got me thinking... why the hell am I allowing the inside me make the outside me feel like sh*t?!
Like seriously, I'd say overall I'm a pretty confident person but wow - if you could here the things my inner critic says, you'd be surprised.
I'm constantly picking flaws, be it with my appearance or with my work. Self critique is important and something that done the right way is super helpful but simply having your internal voice saying how bad everything is is the complete opposite.
Recently I've been trying to change my mind set, making a choice to listen to the helpful and block out the negative.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm far from having this perfected. It takes a long time to re-train your brain but the small steps I've already made has had such a huge impact on my day to day mood, mindset and overall productivity. For example, I was going to meet someone for drinks the other night. I showered, did my hair and makeup - the usual. Before I left I looked in the mirror and...sighed *STOP* this was the moment. The moment my inner critic would usually pipe up saying "ugh, well you've done your best" but just before it could I stared in the mirror and said "you look great." 
Now I don't know if that one simple, tiny change in my mentality was the reason for it, but I went on to have an amazing night.
I think with the world of social media and online lifestyles, it's so easy to compare yourself to others. I know I do it and I'm pretty sure most of you guys do too. It's one of those things that we know we shouldn't do, we know it'll only make us feel worse about ourselves and yet still...we do it anyway. Some kind of satanic ritual we force upon ourselves *eye roll*
But hey, let me tell you - as an Instagrammer/influencer/blogger, whatever people like to call me. My life online, especially on Instagram may seem like I have my sh*t together but guys come on, I totally don't! I often ponder the question... does anyone? I mean if you do, props to ya! But me - nope, NOT AT ALL.
Saying that, I have grown and seeing how far I've come in all aspects of my life in the past few years is something I'm pretty happy with. But this, this voice that so often turns my good days into bad is my latest opponent and one I fully intend to KO (Knock Out.)
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So yes, that's my little update. My little heart to heart that I hope you can relate to. At the moment every time I feel that negative voice entering my head I quickly think of a positive affirmation to combat it with. Let me know if this is something you struggle with too and if you have any tips/tricks to saying Bye Felicia to your inner critic.

K x

*Look Mum* I'm a Failure!

Hello, hello, hello! How are you all?
So the good news is I'm writing again (yay for conquering the writers block!) The bad news? Well, it isn't the most inspiring title I've ever come up with BUT bare with me...
Yes, I failed. At too many things and on to many occasions to remember. I've had failed jobs, failed relationships and failed ideas. Yup - that's a whole lotta failure for one little person and yet, despite the words I'm writing, I still feel pretty up beat about it all. Why you might ask? Well, simply put, I've began to see failure in a completely different light. You see without failure there can never be success.
Every successful person you look up to - in whatever industry that may be, I can pretty much guarantee 'failed' time and time again before they claimed that success. Take J.K Rowling and Steve Jobs for example, both got knocked down for their now iconic creations many times before it all finally clicked into place. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that failure is part and parcel of life and without it our lives would be pretty boring!
This post/rant came about because once again my mind ran away with itself, started making comparisons to other people and letting all the insecurities cloud my judgement. January blues hit and hit hard and it was a Youtube video in fact that knocked me out of it. The Youtube video in question was posted by non other than Will Smith. Now I really hope the majority of my readers will know who Will Smith is but if not - get yourself onto Netflix right now and binge on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' it is AMAZING (you can thank me later.)
Anyway as I was saying, Will Smith has started his own Youtube channel *woo hoo* and one of his posts, albeit short and sweet said everything I needed to hear. You can watch the video here but these are my favourite quotes, the best bits and my personal takeaways...

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So there we have it. A pretty wise man that Will Smith. If anything after either watching the video or reading the above, I hope like me your head feels a little less cloudy. It's so easy to focus on the negative and to really wear yourself down because you made a mistake. If anything, take comfort in the fact that you are one of many and that failure to fail means living life without taking chances and that my dears is just plain boring! Live life on the edge, take that leap and make that change and if you fail, getup, pat yourself down and do it all over again. Life is hard sometimes but that's OK. Although you may feel alone, you're not -  there are millions of people feeling the exact same way. No one is perfect and often when sharing a thought or a problem you realise how many people are going through it with you. So please, watch the video - listen to the words and let me know your thoughts on failure and if the video made you think differently about it.

K x

My Travel Bucket List with booking.com

Last year I was fortunate enough to visit some truly amazing places. It had been a New Years resolution to get out and see more of the world and one that I proudly put a tick next to as 2017 drew to a close.
The truth is however, the more you travel - the more you want to travel. The wanderlust hits and the travel bug bites. I am constantly inspired by the images I see online, people exploring different countries and cultures and visiting new and exciting places they've never been before.
Whenever I'm planning a trip my first point of call after deciding on the destination is Booking.com I love finding hidden gems amongst the hundreds of hotels listed. I've been lucky enough to stay in some amazing hotels throughout the last few years, be it the Regent Hotel in Berlin, The Curtain Hotel in London or the Grand Kameha Hotel in Zurich (to name a few) it's always been extra special staying in such beautiful accommodation.
Rest assured however, this post isn't all about where I've stayed, it's in fact a chance for me to give a little something back in the hope you'll discover somewhere special too.
Thanks to the lovely team at Booking.com you can get £25 off your next hotel, amazing news! That extra money can go towards a tour, museum or food (Yay free food!) Just click the link *Click Me* and you'll have your discount. No cons, no catches, just a little treat to encourage you to book your next trip and get travelling.
Whenever I look back at old travel pictures (I hope you're enjoying the few I'm sharing with you today) my heart fills. So many amazing memories linked to each trip. There's so many places still left on my travel bucket list but currently my top picks are - Canada, Iceland, Japan, Bali and Greece. I mean that's HIGHLY condensed, my actual list is pages long! To keep my thirst for adventure ticking over, I head to Instagram were there are a few travel accounts that inspire me everyday. I always like to share a little blogger love so if you fancy taking a peep at some of my faves then a big shout out to - @janetnewenham   @whereistarablog   @carlanella   @the_gapyear_guru check them out, their pictures and videos are amazing!
So my lovelies, I hope you've enjoyed this post and I hope (even more so) you enjoy your cheeky £25 discount *Click here* from Booking.com Do let me know if you have any trips coming up or if you have any suggestions on where I should head to next. As always, I love hearing from you so do leave a comment below or come say hey over on my Instagram - @littlemisswinney where I post daily outfits, travel pics and general life updates. See you back here soon, have a lovely Sunday!

K x
*This post was kindly sponsored by Booking.com*