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Now tell me what you want (what you really really want)

OK guys, it's time to come clean. I've lost my blogging mojo.
Not the passion, rest assured I still have plenty of that but recently I've just been stuck on what to write. I have some truly amazing images stored up, waiting to be published, yet for some reason I'm completely lost for words.
Writers block... it's a bitch! Especially when your mind is buzzing with ideas but you can't find the words to articulate them. My current answer (as you may have guessed) is - if you can't beat  the writers block, write about it. So here we are, I've uploaded some lovely pictures shot by the ever wonderful Zoe, in a dress (from Boden FYI) I bloody love to try and spark that much needed inspiration and get me writing again.
So enough with the waffling, now onto business! I saw some great tweets the other week during the #BlogosphereChat on Twitter (Sunday's 8pm if you wanna get involved.) One of the questions asked 'What kind of content do you want to see more of in 2018?' The replies were vast and gave a great insight into want people were actually interested in.
I screen shot the replies I felt were relevant to me and kept them in my little 'blog inspo' folder on my phone. So leading on from that I wanted to turn the tables on you guys.

What content do you want to see?

Be honest, be brutal, tell me what kind of content would make you want to visit here more often. Fashion, food, beauty, travel or is it the more personal lifestyle kinda posts that interest you? Would you like a daily 'What I've done today' kinda deal or maybe more posts about behind the scenes/making money/the business side of the blog?
Whatever it is - no matter how normal or different it may seem, let me know what you want more of! I really want to cater to you guys this year. So please please PLEASE (with a vast amount of cherries on top) leave a comment below, even if you've never commented before, say hey and tell me what content you want to see. Comment on this post or contact me via email/Instagram/Twitter... whichever platform you choose. It would be a huge help and would really mean the world.

K x

Life Update: Where have I been?

Hello, hello, hello...It's 2018!
Happy new year all, sorry for my absence over the last month or so. In all honesty there's no set reason for the lack of content, simply I was having the best Christmas and wanted to take a step back and allow myself to enjoy it all without worrying about capturing everything on camera and stressing about editing and uploading posts. 
I hope you understand and I hope you too have had the most magical Christmas! For me it's always a busy time as it's Christmas, my birthday and new year all within one week. Yes that's right, on the 30th of December I turned yet another year older...eeekkkkkk! But now that I've given myself the first week of 2018 to mourn the end of 2017 (the best year ever) I'm now ready to get stuck back in - create some amazing content that I hope you guys will love and dive in to the new year with a BANG!
So first up, these images were shot once again by my right hand woman - Zoe Griffin. Someone who is not only my photographer (and is amazing) but also has become a friend and someone I look forward to seeing whenever I can. She just gets it and knows exactly what I'm looking for content wise. So guys, if you're looking for a photographer, she's your girl!
Secondly *HI OUTFIT OF DREAMS* Now in all honestly this past week I've pretty much been living in joggers and PJ's because... I've been eating my body weight in cheese and pigs in blankets and the my jeans ain't gonna fit anytime soon, what ya gonna do?! BUT the one day I did manage to get dressed I styled up this little combo and fully loved how it turned out.
The coat is an absolute babe from Zara (and it's now in the sale... yayyyy) and it was pretty much love at first sight. The blouse is from Mango and I've literally become besotted with it (it goes with absolutely everything!) and jeans and boots a pairing from & Other Stories and Boden. Of course, as always I finished it off with a pair of statement specs, these are from the lovely team at Glasses Direct and a bag from Sandro... thanks Santa! All in all, considering I've spent most days throwing a belt around my duvet and calling it an OOTD I think it turned out quite well.
Aside from the get up, my mood going into 2018 is somewhat apprehensive. Mainly because for me, 2017 was just so amazing! It was the best year I've had in a good 5 years and I just hope/wish/pray that 2018 will be more of the same just bigger and better. My work ethic still remains strong and I'm determined to work harder to continue to grow my 'Brand' and build relationships with more of you guys who fill me with so much joy. I still have a hard time believing that you actually read and care what I have to say... thank you!
So, to conclude this little intro to 2018 post I just want to say another big thank you. I couldn't do what I'm doing without you guys, I appreciate your support more than you know, each like on Instagram... @littlemisswinney each comment on the blog and each message I get from you means the absolute world. I hope your 2018 brings you everything you wish for and more, we got this guys. Lets go smash it!

K x