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Badoo - Finding Love In The Places I Adore

Hey you gorgeous gang of absolute BAE's! How are you? 
I have been travelling non-stop these last few weeks and so to be sat down in a lovely little cafe watching the world go by and drinking a (rather fancy) lemon and ginger tea is pretty much perfect tbh.
So today's post delves into the world of dating...DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNN!!! Now if you've read my recent 'Keeping Up With Kate' post (read it here) then you'll know one of my goals for the rest of 2017 is to be more spontaneous, get out more and meet new people!
So to start things off I downloaded Badoo. Now I've had dating apps before, there's nothing ground breaking about that but Badoo knows where it's at (literally) my favourite thing about the app is their 'People Nearby' feature. It allows you to check out potential dates or even just seek out new friends to chat too wherever you are. So if you're visiting a new city or want to see who else spends their days walking along London's Southbank then this is IDEAL!
Another thing that Badoo can boast about is the fact that they are the largest dating app in the world, with currently just over 363 million users world wide.
363 MILLION?! I mean that's crazy!
It also gets you to verify your human existence upon sign up because catfish-ing is sooooo last season.https://go.onelink.me/1368615218?pid=badoo&af_c_id=791&c=article_Little_Miss_Winney_791
As I mentioned before my fave feature is the 'people nearby' screen, mainly because I figure if there's someone else who's been frequenting my favourite London spots then that's a common interest right there, straight off the bat. I know 'opposites attract' and all but it's always good to have something in common if only to use as a opening line. "Oh I noticed you were in Camden Market too" it makes conversation a whole lot easier, especially if you get nervous when sending that first message. 
For me my passion is theatre and the arts and so whenever I'm around places within London that are particularly 'artsy' (think Barbican and Soho) I always have a quick look at my Badoo app, likewise my friend has a thing for a man in a suit so whenever we're in the city *ping* she's straight on her profile checking out who's online.
So wish me luck, who knows out of over 363 million people there might be someone destined to be my Badoo Bae *crosses fingers* and if not well, we all love telling a bad date story with the girls over a cocktail or two right?

K x
*This post was kindly sponsored by Badoo*

Smile Design with Platinum Dentistry

"Thanks guys, I had a great time!"
...These are not the words I ever expected to say whilst leaving the Dentist?!
Last week I went was invited by Platinum Dentistry to their Belgravia practise to experience their new 'Smile Design' service. Now, if I'm completely honest, it's been quite some time since my last dental check up and so I was slightly apprehensive. I'm not scared of the dentist but I did feel a bit anxious when booking the appointment. Upon my arrival however those nerves were quickly settled.
 As I said, I went to Belgravia Dental Care in London Victoria, it’s part of Platinum Dentistry which is a collection of 22 practises owned by Oasis Dental Car, which offer a luxury dental care service... *winning*

So the real reason my nerves where settled and I ended up having a really fun time was down to two people in particular - Dr Fiona Stuart (my dentist) and Brogan (dental assistant.) When walking into the the room and sitting on the dentists chair the last thing I imagined was to be hugging them goodbye at the end of the appointment. Honestly both Fiona and Brogan just knew exactly how to put me at ease, at one point we wondered if someone had let laughing gas in the room because we just couldn't stop laughing, they also offered music which of course I said yes to and then went onto a Girls Aloud sing-a-long because... why not?
Anyway the reason I was there was to have a Smile Design consultation. Smile Design was created specifically for people who want to improve their smile but aren't exactly sure what treatments they require. I found the consultation super helpful and informative, myself and Dr Fiona sat down and went through all the little things I wanted to change in order to achieve my dream smile along with questions I had regarding my general dental health. We then moved on to a check up so Dr Fiona could get in and see exactly what was going on. I found it fascinating, at one point I had a tiny camera in my mouth whilst holding an Ipad so I got to see the back of my teeth and inside my mouth - something I'd never done before and that was really cool! During the appointment (which I have to point out wasn't a quick pop in pop out, I was there for a good hour and a half) we had an in-depth discussion about exactly what I wanted and what Dr Fiona could offer. For me my top priorities were teeth whitening and potentially changing my silver fillings into white ones. She provided me with a menu of sorts which showed a variety of treatment options to help achieve my desired look along with a run down of everything we'd discussed during the appointment regarding dental and gum hygiene. We went on to talk about budget, one of the really great things about the Smile Design consultation is that the treatments recommended are on a tiered basis so it all depends on the patients budget and personal preferences - giving you more options, flexibility and control over the treatment plan. Towards the end of the consultation Dr Fiona provided me with a bespoke treatment plan in a presentation pack so I could go home and look through everything without being rushed into making a decision there and then.
So there we are, my first dental appointment in quite some time and honestly - it was amazing!
Not only did I meet some fabulous ladies but I also felt that everything Dr Fiona recommended and advised me on was both honest and detailed. The Smile Design is a bespoke service designed to improve your smile and give you the nasher's you've always dreamed of on a budget that suits you. I really did have a great time and found the whole experience so beneficial! I would 100% without a doubt recommend it whether you're in London or anywhere else across the UK. For more information on the Smile Design and to find a practise near you, visit: www.oasisdentalcare.co.uk/platinum and start designing your perfect smile.

K x
*This post was kindly sponsored by Oasis Dental Care*

Keeping up with Kate - Highlights and Goals...

Hi Gang, how are we all? Good I hope!
So today I've decided to do a bit of a catch up post. This year is going so fast, like HOW ON EARTH IS IT OCTOBER ALREADY?!
Yep, that's right - we have just under a quarter of the year left *heart palpitations* and that, to be quite honest is freaking me the freak out! I mean how did this happen?! 
Anyway, I thought the best way to accept it and to help me chill out about it is to take a deep breath and break it down. What I've achieved in 2017 so far and what my goals are for the remainder. Bit of an odd time to do a reflective post but I guess I got that 'back to school' feeling in September and wanted to start a fresh (I also wanted a new pencil case and scented gel pens but you know... whatev's) So without further a do, let's get stuck in!
5 Highlights of 2017 (so far)
  • Travel - 2017 came with one big expectation on my behalf - Travel. I wanted to see more, do more and experience everything! And although I have plenty more of the world still left to explore, I am so pleased with how much I've travelled so far this year. Berlin, Zurich, Paris, Provence, Venice, Thailand, Budapest... and three more trips still yet to come. I really am over the moon as it's something that until this year I hadn't done a lot of and now I have been well and truly bitten by the wanderlust bug!
  • Thailand - So yeahhhhh I knowwwwww... technically Thailand goes into the above with travel BUT Thailand was special. Like really really special! Not only was it a place I had dreamt of visiting for the longest time but whilst there the people I met were the best! Travelling solo (and for the first time I might add) was daunting AF but thanks to my Contiki family, namely - Shay, Petey, GV and Graham aka my 'bruvs' I had the best time travelling the North of Thailand, spending my days surrounded by the best people.
  • My Blog - Now I don't want this to sound like I'm tooting my own horn or anything but I couldn't be prouder of how far this little blog has come this year. From hobby to job and still it's something I love doing and creating content for. I am so grateful for every opportunity thats comes my way and even more so for each and every one of you beauties that stop's by to read and comment on my posts. THANK YOU!
  • Theatre - 2017 has also seen me appear in two shows (so far...) Fame and A Chorus line. Two musicals, two companies and two very different experiences. I loved each show for so many different reasons. Fame - I made a new show family one that I still speak to every single day and A Chorus Line - I got to play a dream role of mine. I am happiest when on stage. Nothing else matters when I'm singing, dancing and acting under those lights. I don't experience nerves just pure adrenaline. I can't wait to do more of it! I lost my mojo a bit last year, doubting myself and my ability but now it's back *YAY*
  • New Friends - So I guess I'm cheating again as I've kind of mentioned friends in both the Thailand and the Theatre points but it's worth reiterating. At the age of 27 I have my best friends that I've known for the majority of my life but in addition this year I have gained so many new friendships. Even better they stretch across the world from America to Canada, South Africa to Ireland. I remember last year I went through a stage of feeling really lonely but I can say with a huge smile on my face that by getting out there, travelling and performing, I've met some of the most amazing people and made friends for life. With that said my best friends - the ones who have been with me since day dot, well they're always there and each year we just build more and more memories together. My friends and my family (hey Mum and Bro) are my whole world and mean everything to me.
Top - H&M, Skirt - H&M, Bag - Chanel, Glasses - Glasses Direct, Shoes - Urban Outfitters,
Necklace - Daniella Draper, Bracelet - Daniella Draper, Ring - Daniella Draper
Photography - Zoe Griffin
...And Goals for the Remainder
  • Spontaneous - big goal of mine for the remainder of the year is to be more spontaneous in the short term. I'm fine with booking last minute flights but I mean in the sense of if someone messages me at 17.30 and asks me to go for a drink at 18.30 I should go. Netflix and my duvet can wait!
  • Fitness - So This time last year I was probably the fittest I'd ever been and now... I'm anything but. I lost it, completely fell out of my routine and have piled on the weight. Not loads but I need to get back on it. As of a couple of weeks ago however I'm with a new Personal Trainer - Shout out to Juran from OurParks and back doing spin and boxing classes four times a week at my gym. I'm determined to get back on track. For me the scales mean nothing but how I feel does and right now I feel like a lump.
  • Love Life - Now I know I recently posted about thing's you need to stop saying to single people aaannnndddddd you do really need to stop saying them but I do miss having a snuggle buddy. I've said it before on here - I love being in love, I'm secretly a hopeless romantic. My goal isn't to get into a relationship, if you look for it you won't find it! Instead linking in with my spontaneous point, I need to get out more and not to my usual places! I'm often found with my gay best friends in soho and the only guys I meet there are the ones who want to sing Madonna with me not go on a date.
  • Financial - Oh London, why you so expensive?! I feel like the little money I make just gets swallowed up into the the vortex that is living in London. Will I ever be able to buy a house?! I bloody well hope so but currently unless I win the lottery that's not happening anytime soon so for the rest of this year and going forward into 2018 I'm going to try and save a little bit more each month. 
  • Work - Obviously blogging is work but also my beloved Barbican Centre. Even though I don't work there as much as I used to I still love going there and working in such a creative environment. My goals for the remainder of 2017 is simply to keep working, harder and harder and hopefully keep on growing. If anything, this blog has proven to me that anything is possible and so I figure if I keep on keeping on, creating bigger and better content across all of my channels and platforms then hopefully this work with continue not only to succeed to to inspire.
I must admit after re-reading that, I'm pretty chuffed with what I've achieved so far and that feeling of 'shit, the years nearly over and I've done nothing with my life' has slightly lifted *fist pump* There's obviously sooooo much I still want to tick off my 2017 'To Do' list but I'd say up to now, I've done alright and for me to be able to sit here and say/write that is a pretty big deal. If you've been following me on here for a while now, you'll know that the last couple of years haven't been the best. I was completely lost and second guessing everything in my life so it is with one HUGE smile on my face that I can finally say that I'm not only happy (probably the happiest I've been in a very long time) but I'm back to being my old self again, happy go lucky Kate and I honestly can't wait for what the rest of  2017 has in store.

K x

Aspire to Inspire with Silhouette

Hello you gorgeous bunch, hope you're having a fabulous week so far!
I am SO excited to share this post with you. You all know how much I bloody love glasses, I wear them everyday - they are literally the logo of this blog... basically glasses are everything to me and a HUGE part of who I am. So when the beauties at Silhouette asked me to partner up with them to share their latest collection with you guys I jumped on the chance.
So lets get started, Silhouette are a luxury Austrian brand that are best known for their rimless eye wear. They began 50 years ago with the vision to create eye wear as a luxury fashion accessory. Now for those that have read some of my previous fashion posts you'll know how important this is to me. My glasses have to represent me, they have to be the best accessory I have whatever the outfit. Why? Well quite simply because they are right there - on my face and often the first thing people notice about me. So yeah Silhouette's vision and ethos is something I grabbed onto straight away and with Cate Blanchett and Nadja Auerman and Jennifer Garner already avid fans, I knew I was in great company!
The latest collection to launch is the new Inspire range. Boasting a unique frame design that conceals the hinges, offering a sleek contemporary style. 
What's even better? You have the choice of 12 different lens shapes, 12 different coloured frames as well 4 gorgeous tinted lens options so you can really personalise them and choose a lens shape and colour that suits you the best. Colour options include a mix of sophisticated pastels, natural tones and rich hues, so there really is something for everyone. I went ahead with the grey frames with gold hard wear as it's a colour palette I love and that I know will go with everything and if you look closely you may have noticed I've spiced things up with the lenses themselves so wanted the frame to be simple and a more understated colour. Shape wise I went ahead with shape code 'DM' as I wanted something rounded but still with a slight angular feel to them. The lenses I chose to do something a bit different, a gradient tint in rose. The tint options is a unique feature for the Inspire collection and one that I loved. It's subtle but it makes such a difference. I have so many pairs of glasses and so when something comes along that is a bit different I'm all for it!
Jumper - H&M, Jeans - c/o Boden, Boots - Primark,
Necklace - Vintage, Bracelet - Daniella Draper, Glasses - c/o Silhouette
Photography - Zoe Griffin 
 So here we have it, my choice from the Inspire range and I bloody well love them! I paired them with this outfit and honest to goodness I was strutting down the street, I felt amazing. The bespoke design suits my personality so much and for me, my glasses have to represent who I am and what I'm about and these beauties certainly do that. The super lightweight quality of the lenses means there's no nose marks (which is a real bug bear for any glasses wearer) and the attention to detail is top notch!
Under the Silhouette brand, the majority of glasses are made by hand using the best materials and state of the art technologies and this is something that really does stand out when wearing them. As someone who have several pairs of glasses and over the late 20 years in which I've worn them have gone through a lot of different types of frames and lenses etc, these really do stand out. The quality is just so high and they really do make me stand out from the crowd, in short - I'm pretty chuffed!
K x 
*This post was kindly sponsered by Silhouette*

A Mother & Daughter Trip To Venice

Oh Italia, how I love thee.
A couple of months ago me and my momma jetted off to the beautiful floating city of Venice. Neither of us had ever been to Italy before and it was somewhere we'd always wanted to go. So off we went on our Mother/Daughter Italian adventure to eat, drink and be merry!
Now my mum is my best friend and so this trip was always going to be fun. We literally had the best time and laughed constantly. If you fancy a closer look into what we got up to and where we went then make sure to watch my Venice travel vlog! We went in the height of summer and my goodness it was boiling! The factor 50 was applied and the sun hats were on. We walked hours upon hours each day getting lost in the crazy city. To be honest, getting lost is all part of the fun! There is zero point in trying to stick to a route because it's near impossible. Everywhere looks the same and of course there are no roads (something I could not get my head around) so you can't hop in an uber and go to your destination, you just have to wonder around until you find it. That being said, by getting lost we stumbled upon some great cafés and bars along the way.
I have to say it's probably the most picturesque place I have ever been to. I mean literally you could point the camera in any direction and its the perfect picture. As there are no roads, the canals and bridges make each and every turn look like something out of a fairy tale and both me and mum had our fair share of 'princess moments' whilst there.
Obviously when heading to Venice there were a few things we had on our bucket list. San Marco Square for one and of course... a gondola ride.
San Marco Square is insane, so many people but such a beautiful setting. Yes it's expensive but if you fancy having a drink and listening to some music in the main square then why not (just make the drink last.) To get that view from above we headed up the Campanile tower and wowza WHAT A VIEW IT WAS!
As for the Gondola again yes, a tad pricey but every fare is the same wherever you go and well, it's Venice and when in Venice, you get a gondola!
Mum and I absolutely loved it. Riding along the thin and winding canals seeing all the various buildings and views, it's unlike anything else and something you just have to do if you ever visit because trust me - it is 100% worth the money!

Food wise erm, well, yeah - we ate everything and I wont lie, there's not that that much photo evidence because when the food's that good ain't nobody waiting for a photo! We ate pasta, pizza, gelato and lot's of lovely seafood - Venice's speciality. In the day times our favourite thing to do was grab some take-out pizza and mini Bellini's, sit by the canal and enjoy people watching. In the evening we dined whilst drinking our body weight in Aperol which is sooooo cheap like - UNREAL.
We spent our days island hopping, getting travel cards for the vaporetto aka water buses and just hopping on and off whenever we saw somewhere that looked nice. We went to the marina, the lido, the 'glass island' Murano and wondered around exploring to our hearts content.
We honestly had the best time and both of us are looking forward to returning to Italy to visit some more of the beautiful country. Mum, you where the best travel companion as always... on to the next!

K x