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Life is a roller coaster - just gotta ride it

I had a moment last week were I felt like the universe gave me a pat on the back, a 'yes you've been working hard, here's your reward' kind of thing. I felt for the first time in a long time that everything was slowly starting to fall into place, leaving me breathing a sigh of relief and thinking - OK, I must be doing something right?!
In a profession where there's no pay rises or promotions, it can sometimes be really hard to track your progress. Blogging has its ups and downs and often I become riddled with anxiety and self doubt thinking 'Am I good enough?' 'Does anyone care what I think?' These thoughts cross my mind daily and yet all it takes is one thing to get me back on track. Whether it's simply a comment from a reader or follower saying that they've enjoyed my post (every comment you guys leave really does mean the world to me) or a brand wanting to work with me. These, along with my genuine passion for blogging are the things that get me back on track and make me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.
A few weeks ago for instance I got myself in a bit of a rut. I did that dreadful thing and started to compare myself to others. Warning - this will NEVER have a positive outcome! I spent hours scrolling through Instagram and reading countless blogs and instead of seeing them as different (because everyone has there own style) I saw them as better. It made me lose all motivation and left me wallowing in self-pity *eye roll*
One of my friends noticed I was in a weird mood, we talked about it and of course as always, she knocked me right out of it. You see this particular friend is a straight talker, no bullsh*t, takes zero prisoners kind of gal. There was no pep talk or inspirational quotes, there was simply a 'get a grip and get on with it!' Yes, sometimes a warming, motivational chat is needed but other times you just need a friend that will tell it like it is... and it worked! The next day I was up early, at my desk and writing.
Not only blog posts but emails too. Contacting brands and PR's, introducing myself and suggesting potential collaborations because sometimes you have to out yourself out there and ask for the work, instead of waiting for it to come to you.
Dress c/o - CiCi London, Sunglasses c/o - Ray-Ban via Pretavoir, Shoes - H&M
Photography - Zoe Griffin
So last week (as I mentioned at the start of this post) I finally got that pat on the back, that boost, that pay off for not giving up and for striving ahead instead. I got it because I decided to spend less time comparing myself and my work to others and more time being the best I can be and creating content I'm proud of. I can't wait for the next few months and hope you'll enjoy all the blog and Instagram posts that will be coming. I'm so excited to be working with some amazing brands and I can't wait for you to see it all. I feel like I'm on a bit of a roll at the minute and although blogging can be somewhat of a roller coaster, I might as well enjoy the highs as and when they come right?! 
So yeah a bit of a conversational post today, no real point or objective, just some thoughts I wanted to share. Please do keep liking, sharing and commenting, your support really does mean everything to me and I can't thank you all enough for choosing to land on this little corner of the web.

K x

My Zurich Adventure...

It's funny, Zurich or Switzerland as a whole really, had never been on my radar as a place to visit and yet as I'm writing this post I have to say it's probably the best city break I've ever been on. In a word Zurich is...stunning and I really do mean absolutely beautiful!
We were very lucky with the weather, each day reaching 28-30 degrees whilst we were there which only added to the beauty. But my goodness, the views were incredible and the people were just so friendly!
Myself along with my bestie Lee went along to Zurich as guests of the Kameha Grand Hotel, a luxurious 5 star hotel in the region of Glattpark just outside of the city centre. Everything about our stay at the Kameha Grand was perfect, starting of course with our airport transfer - a Maserati no less. For me, I'm not really into cars and had no idea but Lee, as soon as he saw it he was in his element danicing around and singing the Britney classic ..."You want a Maserati? You better Work B**ch!" As for the hotel itself each member of staff was welcoming and extremely helpful with giving us trips and tricks on what to see and where to go in Zurich (particular shoutouts to Vanessa, Angello, Kristoph and Thomas who went that extra mile in making our stay extra special.)
We entered the lobby which modern design filters throughout the hotel - the bar, the shisha lounge as well as the spa on the top floor. Every detail has been thought of and each room is styled to perfection!
We stayed in one of the hotels themed rooms 'The Princess Suite' and as soon as we walked in I let out a little scream of excitement.
It was so beautiful, the carpet, the vanity desk...the bath!!
We were treated to room service and both Lee and I enjoyed out Strawberry Mojitos whilst sitting on the couch and staring at the room, we were really spoilt!
The bed was so so comfy and the bath and shower were amazing, I didn't want to leave the room! Again as with the communal areas of the hotel, the room was so perfectly designed and decorated, it was a real treat to stay there.

My personal highlight of our mini Zurich adventure was the rooftop sights. There is nothing like seeing a city from above and this is were the beauty of Zurich really shines through. Lee and I went to all the tourist hotspots namely - Swiss National Museum, Grossmünster Church (make sure to climb the steeple as the views from the top are unreal!) Lindenhoff Hill (again another cracker is you love a good view) and the old town which is full of true Swiss culture. It's so easy to walk around so most of our days we spent wandering around until we found a nice cafe or bar and the locals are always keen to offer recommendations and give directions which was a huge help.
Cheese fondue, cheese fondue, cheese fondue!
If you've seen my Zurich travel vlog over on youtube you'll notice there is one thing I was rather excited to try whilst in Switzerland....CHEESE FONDUE!!
Yes, as a lover of cheese I'd heard many tales of the wonderous cheese fondue on offer in Zurich so obviously as soon as I knew I would be visitiing I started the research and ended up seeking out Swiss Churchi for their famous fondue. It was literally the first thing we did after leaving the hotel and it was totally worth the hype! Four cheeses, white wine and sherry, all mixed together and served melted with bread on the side to dip, even as I'm writing this i'm drooling. It was so SO good!
We also sort out some pretty cool bars whilst out there, Bar Rimini which is a chilled out outdoor bar with decking and a fresh water swimming area so that in between sips you can go for a dip. Also Jules Verne Panoramabar which again has some pretty amazing views of the city.

One meal that deserved it's own little paragraph was the one we had at Y.O.U, the michelin star restaurant within the Kameha Grand Hotel. I can honestly, hand on heart say (and Lee says the same) this is the best meal I have ever had. It was my first time dining at a michelin star restaurant and I can tell why it had been awarded the star. We decided on the nine course fine dinging taster experience, each course paired with a signature wine. Each and every course was superb and tasted amazing, the flavour combinations were exquisite. I don't think anything I write could possible explain how incredible this meal was but please, if you ever find yourself in Zurich Go Go Go! You will not regret it. From start to finish our dining experience at Resturant Y.O.U was perfect.

Another fabulous little trip to add to my memories! I had such a great time in Zurich and would definitely return. It's such a beautiful city and one I would highly reccomened visiting if you can. Make sure to check out my youtube video vlogging my time there...where to next?

K x


Happy Wednesday you lovely bunch! 
I'm so excited to share this post with you, the final instalment of my fitness challenge with Arla Protein. Its been a tough but a great three months and I can honestly say, I feel great!
If you've been following my journey you'll remember that in my first fitness post I divided the months into three sections - 
Months one and two have been and gone and now in my third and final month it's time to look back and talk about my progress and what I'll be taking away with me after this crazy health kick. So firstly, my 'spirit' as it were is at an all time high. The effect exercise and good nutrition has had on my mood and overall well-being is unreal! I'm happier, more positive and have heaps more energy than before. The mix of classes from hardcore boot camp to outdoor yoga with Our Parks has really helped me add variety to my workout, meaning I enjoy it so much more. Also my one on one sessions with Born has helped with my technique, giving that personal focus and attention you don't always get in group classes. I've found both my stamina and flexibility has improved greatly as well as my overall attitude towards working out - I actually look forward to a sweaty session now because I know I'll feel amazing afterwards!
 I've been incredibly lucky during this fitness challenge to get to try all the goodies Arla Protein has to offer. I've mentioned my favourite in each of my posts and this month is no different. Moving away from the shakes I went for the 'on-the-go' Protein Yoghurt in Mango. It is so tasty!! I mean I love yoghurt anyway but the mango flavour is so refreshing and gives that much needed citrus kick after a workout. The on-the-go pouch makes it so easy to open and drink instead of worrying about carrying a spoon around with you.
So there we have it, three months of sweat and....well more laughter than tears but I'm feeling on top of the world! Thank you to Arla and Our Parks for putting me through my paces and making me the best I can be. I intend to carry on with my sprint training as it's something I've come to love and those outdoor yoga sessions have been my escape each sunday morning, so I'll be sticking to that too. As for the protein... I won't be giving those chocolate shakes up anytime soon that's for sure!

 K x
Photography by - Zoe Griffin
*This post was kindly sponsored by Arla Protein*