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Specs appeal

 Today we're talking one of my favourite topics... GLASSES!
I'm sure you're all aware by now that I am a daily wearer of spectacles and that I bloody well love em!
They've always been my way of adding interest to a simple outfit. I mean no they are not purely an accessory of choice, I do indeed actually need them to see but my love of glasses has always been there since I began wearing them age 10. My collection - which I recently shared over on my new youtube channel is quite extensive and is growing at a rather rapid pace. I have them from a variety of brands in a variety of shapes, styles and colours but my absolute number one glasses brand of choice has always been my beloved Ray-Ban.
Oh Ray-Ban, I mean even just hearing the name makes me think of those uber cool rock and roll vibes. Ray-Ban has just always been the cool kid on the block when it comes to eye wear right? I have a number of sunglasses from the brand and one pair on the Ray-Ban Icon Glasses that can be seen in this post. But new on the scene are these babies, my new go to guys and the pair that are fastly taking over the top spot in the glasses steaks, the gorgeous Ray-Ban 7098's in colour - Havana. They're a kind of a mix between a classic wayfarer and aviator shape and I adore them! What's even better? They were an absolute steal at £98 from the babes at Glasses Direct.
Glasses Direct is Europe's leading online prescription glasses retailer and they offer an insane collection of glasses for both men and women. I have a few pairs from the site and have always been so impressed by the easy ordering process, delivery speed and the quality. They also have a great home trial set up, where you can choose several pairs to be sent to your home, try them on - get your friends and flatmates opinions and then return the unwanted pairs back....for free!
I am so in love with my new addition to the specs family. They just complete that geek-chic look so perfectly! Whenever buying glasses I think it is SO important to find a pair that you actually want to wear and that suit you and your style to a T and these are definitely them. 
I feel great whenever I wear them and so far each time they've come out to play I've been complemented on them, bonus!
They are statement for sure but I'm totally ok with that. I think they set off even the simplest of outfits and leave me feeling bloomin' fabulous!
Do you wear glasses or are you a Ray-Ban lover yourself? I'd love to hear your opinions on what you think of my new specs. Leave a comment below and if you have any suggestions of other glasses brands I should try out I'd love to know!

K x
*This post was kindly sponsered by Glasses Direct but all opinions, short sightedness and love of all things Ray-Ban are my own*

Photography by - Zoe Griffin

Staycation : La Suite West Hotel

Hello you lovely lot! I hope you had a lovely weekend spent chilling out and drinking tea (or ya know...countless glasses or vino) and eating all of your favourite foods.
I'm so excited to share this post with you and I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. So let's get straight to it shall we?
A couple of weeks back my mum came down to visit and to help me redecorate my bedroom and office (blog reveal coming soon) and as a treat/escape  from the smell of wet paint we checked into the lovely La Suite West Hotel for a mini staycation. I for one love staying in hotels, even  if only for a day or two and even if it's not somewhere hot, in a far off destination. There's just something so nice about not having to make the bed and be able to order room service...yay!
  La Suite West is a minimal boutique hotel located within walking distance to Notting Hill and Portobello Road Market. As soon as you enter you can't help but feel relaxed. The dimly lit reception with beautiful candles burning (they smelt incredible FYI) and gentle music playing in the background creating the most tranquil of scenes. We were booked into one of the Deluxe Double rooms, a spacious and well put together room that just screamed 'cool' vibes. The decor was slick and minimal and all in all just felt like the perfect hangout to hide away and relax for a couple of days.
Now obviously it goes without saying that the bed was a real highlight for me I mean come on - look at it! But it didn't only look good, it was so comfy, the pillows might as well have been clouds they were so fluffy! Adding even more #bedroomgoals was the TV aka, a must have in my future dream home. It raised up from the end of the bed!!! You could turn it to face the sofa in the living area of the room or just do what mum and I did, pour a glass of bubbles, open a box of chocolates, lay back on the bed and watch an episode of Coronation Street. I deal situation. Of course the other biggy I like to check out whenever I'm staying in a hotel is the bathroom.
As a self confessed bubble bath addict the bathroom for me is always a make or break situation and luckily this one did not disappoint. Now I'm not the biggest fan of the phrase 'Instagrammable' but omg I can't help but use it to describe this bathroom. I mean it's every bloggers dream! Marble everywhere! The walls, ceiling, floor and fittings were all marble and it was amazing. 
  The bath was huge, a big thumbs up from me and the floor was heated which my mum was positively thrilled about! So after we both took it in turns to have a luxurious bubble bath (we even called down to the bar to order a bottle of bubbles on ice for an extra little treat.) We then laid in bed and ticked off the breakfast menu for the morning.
Decisions made, we hung the menu on our door to be collected and went to sleep and when we woke we were greeted with a breakfast feast...
As you can probably tell by the pictures we completely spoilt! Freshly squeezed juices, mum went for grapefruit and I for OJ and then a selection of fruits, yogurt and granola and a cooked breakfast. It was beautiful and cooked to perfection. A great way to start the day!
After a quick break to have some tea and watch a bit of day time television (Jeremy Kyle is my guilty pleasure) we got ready and headed around the corner to Notting Hill. We had afternoon tea booked at 1 o'clock at the hotels restaurant 'RAW' giving us enough time to wonder along the pastel houses and antique shops in the nearby streets. After walking for a good few hours our appetites were back and we were ready to try out the healthy, gluten free, vegan 'alternative' afternoon tea back at the hotel.
We started off with alcohol free wine followed up by an array of vegan sandwiches, scones and sweet treats.
It was a lovely end to our staycation and left us feeling full and very happy indeed!
La Suite West was a wonderful hotel with excellent service provided throughout our stay. The location meant it was the perfect place to wander around the nearby parks and markets and all in all both my Mum and I had such a lovely time and a much needed break.
Thank you La Suite West team, I'm sure I'll be back again soon!

K x

Restaurant review : No.11 Pimlico Road

You simply can't beat a mid-week day date with one of your girl friends can ya? Especially when it's cold outside and you've spent the last two hours shooting outfit shots for the blog.
A few weeks back I was invited to No.11 Pimlico Road  in Chelsea. I often head to Chelsea for photo shoots and always walk past the restaurant, I'd wanted to try it out for quite some time  and so along with my gorgeous friend and photographer Zoe we wrapped our photo shoot for the day and headed for some lunch and a few drinks.

On arrival we were greeted by our waitress and taken to our table. The whole restaurant  is decorated perfectly, marble tables, monochrome accessories and bright lighting (an Instagrammers dream!) We decided on our drinks whilst browsing the food menu. A whole range of health juices available from PRESS. Both Zoe and I opted for the newest addition to their menu - Charcoal Lemonade. Having finally made our minds up food wise, we opted for quite the spread!
Zoe went for the No.11 House Burger (a choice I was instantly envious of once it arrived) and for me the Coconut Poached Chicken Salad. We then added a serving of Mac & Cheese and House Fries to share, because why not eh?!

Drinks poured and food served, we dug in and went to town and I can honestly say it was beautiful! The charcoal lemonade was really refreshing and shocked me with how nice it actually was. The charcoal element adding some great health benefits too *winning*
As for the food....ahhhhhh, we really were spoilt. Zoe gave the burger a huge thumbs up whilst I fell in love with my salad, the chicken was cooked to perfection! The fries had just the right amount of seasoning and the mac & cheese well, it was immense! I am a BIG fan of mac & cheese and this has to be up there with my top three....bravo No.11!
Absolutely stuffed (yet still determined to have pudding) Zoe and I shared dessert, although the portion sizes were huge so it felt like we had one each in the end anyway. We chose the Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice cream and it was soooooo good...we ate the entire thing!

No.11 Pimlico Road is the perfect lunch time destination for an afternoon catch up with your gal pals, the decor is fresh and bright and the food - absolutely delicious! Definitely worth a trip when you're next in Chelsea.

Kate x