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2016….. a sore subject right?  
The world entered some kind of apocalyptic mess – Brexit, Trump, David Bowie *sob* but all that a side, for me it was quite the journey. I remember writing last years post reflecting on 2015, one of the worst years of my life. I was so eager to move on from it, full of hope for 2016, ready to put a truly sh*tty year behind me and ready to dive head first into a new, fresh, hopeful year. Although by no means has it all been rainbows and unicorns, it’s certainly been a year where I’ve learnt so much, lessons about life, about love, about myself and most importantly about what and who I want to be going forward.

So here we go, in solidarity with the thousands of other blogger babes out there sharing their journeys through this crazy world, this is my little look back on 2016 what it taught me and what I’ll be carrying forward into 2017.

So Lets rewind shall we, ‘start from the very beginning’ as Julie Andrews would say (yes, I’m stagey and nope, I’m not sorry bout it.) My birthday being on the 30th of December means that I literally start each new year at a brand new age, I had turned 26 surrounded by my family in Paris, I saw in the new year dancing (full out with feeling) with my big brother Paul and I honestly couldn’t have been happier. When the countdown began I looked up into the sky as the fireworks went off, closed my eyes and promised myself I would do everything I could to be happier and make better choices in 2016…. Oh the optimism you have when the clock strikes twelve!

The beginning of the year saw me travel, Paris, Poland, Amsterdam, Turkey… It was great but underneath all of this was something that had been going on for over a year. I had been, let’s say ‘involved’ in what turned out to be an extremely toxic/twisted/extremely messed up friendship. We’d both gone through a lot, we shared secrets, had heart to hearts, spoke about anything and everything. I genuinely thought it was one of those friendships that would last a lifetime… when will I learn? Despite a few close friends giving me words of warning I thought we were invincible, however as with most stories the wise words ‘a leopard never changes its spots’ was sadly, painfully and heart breakingly true. The person I trusted, loved and had the up most respect for turned out to be a liar, a cheat and a coward. It hit me hard, very hard! As a friend I’m loyal, I will defend you, love you, I will literally put my life on the line for you. For me, above anything friendship means everything. I was gutted that someone I trusted and loved so much as a friend turned out to be in fact - non existent, the person I had known and shared so much with wasn’t the truth. I will never understand it but going into 2017 I have to learn to accept it. No more toxicity, no more manipulation and no more lies. I am worth more than that.

 Jacket - H&M, Dress - H&M, Glasses c/o - Pretavoir,
Necklace c/o - Boden, Shoes c/o - JustFab
Photography by  - Zoe Griffin
Around the same time that all came to the surface I was also having a complete career crisis. Stressing about if I could really take blogging to the next level I panicked and decided a full time 9-6 job was the sensible thing to do… yes, this year I think I had a mid life crisis FML. So off I went and got a job, met some lovely girls and learnt a whole heap of stuff about social media, blogging and the influencer industry in general. However as the weeks past by, it became very obvious this wasn’t for me. I was unhappy, like really REALLY unhappy. I was anxious, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat. I simply didn’t feel like myself and felt like a complete and utter misfit each and everyday day I stepped into the office. I had to put my health and heart first and although the reliable hours and steady salary was lovely, it just wasn’t for me. I parted ways; taking on board everything I’d learnt and put it all into action in my own way – my blog.

The blog at the beginning of the year had just started getting a tiny bit of recognition, a few brand collaborations, a couple of press trips, some cool events. I knew I loved it and so I decided to jump in and really start treating the blog as a business. Although there’s a long way to go, I’m so chuffed with how far I’ve come. I get such a sense of pride when I see other bloggers doing so well. Some are strangers that I’ve followed for years, others I’ve met and I’m incredibly proud whenever I see them doing amazing things with their blogs and well and truly #GirlBoss –ing it big time!

For me going into this brand spanking new year I intend the blog to go another step up, a new website, regular content and hopefully being a part of some amazing collaborations. I’m a self-doubter, I seem and in some ways am very confident, however I constantly question whether I’m good enough – that’s when my beautiful friends come in. A small group, but a group that are always there whenever I need them. They believe in me when in my weakest moments and that makes me believe in myself. To quote something said to me this year “Know what you want to do and do it” simple right? So 2017 I’m going to do just that, I don’t have any new year resolutions as it were, instead a little list of achievable changes that I can make in my life because I do know what I want to do, I just need to have to courage to do it – no fear.

So here we are at the end of the year, the end of one crazy rollercoaster ride called 2016. The last couple of months have been a tad confusing, making decisions and figuring out how to deal with certain up’s and down’s life throws my way. But all in all it slowly all came together setting me up nicely for 2017, although there are many unfinished projects and unreached goals. I feel like I’m in a good place and in the right state of mind to really (excuse my language) grab 2017 by the balls and just GO FOR IT!

Happy New Year you gorgeous bunch. I hope 2016 was a great year for you but I hope 2017 will be even better, even bigger and even brighter! I’d love to know if you have any resolutions gong into the New Year, let me know in the comments below.

Kate x

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  1. Great post! Love the bomber, such a great outfit.
    Happy new year hun x