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For quite some time now I've been writing more personal/lifestyle posts, positioning them alongside outfit shots of me in my latest (I hope) fashionable outfits. And while that is all well and good and my god do I feel a whole lot better when I have a good ol' rant and get everything off my chest, sometimes it's just nice to go back to basics.
So with that said I thought I'd share my latest OOTD post (that's outfit of the day FYI) simply going through each piece step by step and why I paired them together.
Lets kick off then shall we, with this gorgeous camel coat. Now funnily enough I've never owned a camel coloured coat before and I own a lot of coats (and I really do mean A LOT.) It's something that had been on my wish list for quite some time but I'd never really found one that flattered me. As soon as I caught sight of this one from Boden however, I was sold! I just loved the cut and the low set buttons and knew that for me it was 'the one' - the knight in shining (camel coloured) armour I'd been waiting for.
To give a nod to the autumnal tones we're currently surrounded by, I paired it with a red cashmere jumper from Boden and a pair of frayed ankle grazer jeans from ASOS. The cashmere is SO soft, I could quite literally live in it forever (to be honest, I practically have been for the past two weeks...my bad) Cashmere is just one of those materials that instantly screams luxury as soon as you put it on and this one added that much needed pop colour to liven up the earthy tone of the coat. The jeans are my everyday staples - high wasted + skinny fit = perfection.
Tying the whole look together, I went for these gorgeous backless leather loafers again from Boden... bit of a theme here eh? I love the matchy matchy vibes of the two reds set apart by the denim jeans and *bonus* the shoes are super comfy which makes for one happy Kate!
For me this outfit is spot on for autumnal style. Yes it may be a tad cliche, camel and red is hardly a ground breaking colour palette for the autumn months but I love it nonetheless! It's the perfect, cosy, everyday outfit and from me that gets a big thumbs up!

Kate x

Photography by - The GY Photographer
Coat c/o - Boden, Jumper c/o - Boden, Jeans c/p - ASOS, Shoes c/o - Boden, Glasses c/o - Ray Ban via Pretavoir


We all have those moments, crossroads, fight or flight, whatever you want to call it - when you can stay and have your security knowing that things will never change, or you can push yourself and make a difference.
There will be a time in your life when you want something (or someone) so badly that the thought of not having it kills you. Sometines it works out and sometimes it doesn't and when it doesn't it hurts like a bitch! Of course in the made for TV movie version you'd get the job, get the guy and you'd be driving off into the sunset as the credits come rolling in, but that my sweets is not real life.
Yes, sadly not all choices we make at the all important cross roads in life turn out quite the way we want but, and it's a big but (think J-Lo) you've got to take risks because thats how greatness happens!
Messy, heart thumping, soul destroying, tear inducing failure is part and parcel of the amaizng thing that is life and if you've never experienced it, then you're either very lucky or playing it safe and safe - leads to medorocricy and who on earth wants that?
In my lifestime (26 years FYI) I've had my heart bruised once and my heart broken once. Did it hurt? Yes, do I regret it? Not one bit. I've also had several jobs, some I've loved and others I've hated and again, do I regret any of them? Nope. I believe that every person that enters my life enters it for a reason and every experience I go through, the good, the bad and the ugly teaches me a lesson. All the stumbles, all the bumps are what (in the end) makes us stronger. Of course at the time all you want to do is scream and punch a pillow and thats fine, go for it. Imagine your boss/boyfriends face on that pillow and go hell for leather! Then once you are done, pick yourself up and get yourself back out there. Yes it can be humiliating, especially in those instences where you've put your heart on the line and bared your soul only to be rejected.
The most important thing though is to not hold onto those negative emotions for a single second longer than nessecery, because all that negative energy will become toxic to both your mind and your body. You deserve to feel good and you don't have to rely on anyone else to make that happen, love yourself and never ever give up on yourself! Always fight, take the risks, take the chances and take action, there's no other way.
'Yesterday does not exist and tomorrow may never come' so it's up to you to figure out how to make your life better today, starting with right now.
So, the next time you're at a crossroads in your life DON'T PLAY IT SAFE! Never quit and never give up, even if you fall flat on your face once, twice, three times - learn from it, dust yourself off and I guarantee eventually your risks will pay of.

Kate x

Photography by - Zoe Griffin
Bomber jacket - Stradivarius, Dress - Think Bubbles, Shoes c/o - ASOS, Glasses c/o - Superdrug

Restaurant review - Don Giovanni

You simply can’t beat a mid afternoon dinner date. Especially when it's with your best friend in a city you absolutely adore! Earlier this week I was invited to the wonderful Don Giovanni restaurant in Manchester, just on Oxford Road to feast on some seriously wonderful Italian food along with a glass (or two) of vino... happy days!
Having been to Manchester a whole heap of times before for work and to visit my best friends who both live here, I'd often heard of Don Giovanni's but never ventured in so I was really excited to browse the menu and finally try it out for myself.
On arrival myself and Lee where seated on a gorgeous corner booth table and welcomed by the lovely Enzo - maître d of the restaurant who went out of his way to make our visit extra special. First up we ordered some wine, a zesty sauvignon blanc as we set to task in attempt to choose what to eat. The menu is quite extensive, with everything sounding mouth wateringly good. In the end we opted for a starter of Caprese salad, Pâté and a side dish of olives....mmmmmmmm
Both starters where soooooo good! My Caprese salad was dreamy! The buffalo mozzarella went down a treat along side the sweet cherry tomato's. Lee polished off his pâté, whilst we both tucked into the olives.
For the mains we were really spoilt for choice - pizza, pasta, fish.... I wanted to try everything! After another glass of wine we made our choices. For me, Sogliola Grigliata - grilled wild Devon Dover sole served with butter and lemon sauce (which Enzo de-boned in front of my eyes) with a side of fries. For Lee, Pappardelle Polpette - pappardelle pasta with hand made meatballs.
Absolutely stuffed, Lee and I had a break (aka more wine) whilst we looked at the dessert menu. We decided on sorbet for me and ice Cream with an espresso shot poured over the top for Lee. 
It was perfect end to a truly stunning meal. 
Don Giovanni is the perfect place for lunch with a friend or a dinner date with that special someone. The prices are reasonable and the restaurant is bright and super welcoming, with the staff being incredibly friendly and helpful!
So next time you're in Manchester why not pay them a visit.

Kate x

10 situations you couldn’t survive without your BFF

Recently I've been re-watching some of my fave childhood cartoons, getting hit by high levels of nostalgia. From the likes of D.W for Arthur - the ultimate GIRL BOSS, to the gang that pretty much originated the term ‘SQUAD GOALS’ - the kids from Recess.
Back then we (myself include) all identified with at least one of them and we all wanted our gang to be just as cool as theirs, which got me thinking - having a strong network of friends is super important! Our friends are the people that help us get through the day to day. From dating disasters to moving house, our ‘gang’ are the ones who are there with a bottle of wine (or two)…. in every situation. So with that in mind, I've decided to take a look at some of the situations I'd be absolutely lost without my BFFs at my side.

1. The break-up. Yep, that old classic! No matter how many times you go through it, it still feels like someone has punched you in the stomach and ripped out your heart. Your emotions are high, you want to eat all the chocolate in sight and listen to Adele on repeat. You don’t want to be on your own but you don’t want to talk either, you just want someone who will be there, supply wine and wait patiently for you to be back to your sassy queen self.
2. The fashion crisis. The moment you can’t decide whether or not the skirt makes your bum look big or makes your bum look fierce. The reflection you’re seeing in the changing-room mirror isn’t real, it’s tricking you - you need the opinion of your BFF! You know they will give you a 100% honest (usually unfiltered) opinion. Whether that’s “OMG you look so hot!” or “babes you can’t wear that, you’ll knock someone out” you know they'll be there to respond quickly and honestly. Cheers BAE!
3. The rant. The boss, the boyfriend, the idiot on public transport that barged into you 5 TIMES! Whatever the cause, sometimes you just need to rant your frustration to someone and that someone is usually your best mate There's nothing better than venting to your bestie about how much of a kn*b your boss is being and you can count of them to say all the right things and agree with you no matter what.
4. The cabin fever. Life has you stressed you out to the max and if you have to spend one more night staring at the four walls of your room you will go crazy! The squad will always be there, to drop everything and come to the rescue, whether it’s a crazy night out or Netflix and chill with several bottles of pinot.
5. The pick me up. "Do I need to go on a diet?" is always followed with "OMG NO, SLAY QUEEN!” - it’s simple but it’s just what you needed.
6. The first date. The rules are set; they knows the date, time and place of the meet up. They've also done some extensive stalking of all your dates social media platforms: a fan of Taz’s Angels eh… we’ll see. They phone you before, during and after and at any given time they're are ready to receive your ‘get me out of here’ signal.
7. The won’t take no for an answer. You’re out, you’ve got your favourite dress on, your new heels and you’re ready to dance until you drop. But for some unknown reason, there’s a guy you just can’t shake. He keeps lurking, making weird conversation and asking for your number repeatedly. You’ve said you’re not interested (it’s girls night) but he just doesn’t seem to get it! Enter the emergency backup - MOVE MOVE MOVE! Like a military operation, the squad removes the suspect and creates a barrier; leaving you to dance the night away… did someone say tequila?!
8. The hair cut. We’ve all been there, you go and try out a new hairdresser, ask for an inch or too off and maybe a different colour, an ombre effect perhaps? What you end up with however, is an ‘experimental’ hairstyle the new stylist describes as ‘fashion forward.’ You’re seething and go into immediate hiding. Your gang will only laugh at you a little bit, before lending you every hat they own.
9. The cuddle. Big spoon or little spoon, sometimes all you need is a cuddle from your BFF to solve all of life’s problems.
10. The little things. When you need someone to do your eyeliner, pass the loo roll over the door or cover you when you need to sort that serious wedgie situation you’ve got going on. It’s the little things that make you realise they’ve always got your back.
Kate x