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You are enough

Glasses c/o - Rayban via Pret A Voir, Necklace - Daniella Draper, Jumpsuit c/o - ASOS
Photography - The GY Photographer

I am enough - just as I am. 
I've had to say this to myself repeatedly over the last few weeks. It's so easy to get into that cycle of 'if I just changed this, they'd like me more' but no more, I'm done!

I've been in a funk recently, second guessing myself and becoming anxious over the smallest of things. As a person I consider myself very loyal, if you are my friend I will do anything for you and (as selfish as it may sound) I kind of expect the same back. However this sometimes isn't the case, there's been a few times I've had to part ways with people, where the friendship had become one-sided and I didn't feel equally supported. At the time yes, it's horrible but I always ALWAYS feel better off for it. Just as great friendships can do wonders, toxic friendships can really take a toil on your overall happiness. So like a plaster sometimes it's better to just get it over with quickly. 

It’s all about gaining some perspective. It's always sad when this happens, when you truly connect with someone and then it just fizzles out. Sometimes it can just a blip, with life/jobs/relationships/stress getting in the way. That's ok, it happens to us all at some point and as a friend you have to be there to support them when they need it. It's just a tricky one to tackle, when is enough enough? 

This post isn't going to give you that answer (sorrrrrryyyy) It's simply here for me to rant about something that can have such a big effect on my mood and life in general, so I wanted to share it. The great thing is, after different people coming in and out of your life, there will be a few, a small few that will stick around. These are your best friends, the one's you share every moment with, the ones you don't need to see all the time but you know they are there. These are the important ones, so we shouldn't worry about about the rest. 

Although this blog mainly consists of fashion and styling outfits together, it was originally a place where I came to to vent - so I thought I use it for just that today.... I'll be back posting pretty posts soon I promise! But yes, that's that, a post not meant to inspire or provoke, just a post i needed to write. 

Kate x


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