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Borrow from the Boys

Androgynous Fashion

Pushing the boundaries that still remain after the first lady of fashion Coco Chanel completely transformed the female fashion industry and its 
outdated ideals of skirts, corsets, and dresses. 

 - Leighton Meester - Alexa Chung - Lily Collins -
- Suited and booted and rocking the androgynous trend -

 "Remember, the only limitations that define what is or is not acceptable, are set by the individual. Fashion androgyny is defined by disregarding limitations that hinder expression."

Paul Smith finds its balance with the trend thanks to the colours that provide
 enough light to keep the look is very feminine yet still authoritative.

- Paul Smith -

 - Alexander McQueen -

There's never been a better time to borrow from the boys!

Over and out,
Little Miss Winney x